Discuss how participation contracts represent financial opportunities for providers what

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Ramifications of Participation Contracts

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1 „Ï Discuss how participation contracts represent financial opportunities for providers „Ï Discuss how participation contracts represent financial opportunities for providers. Whatare positive and negative ramifications of discounted fee-for-service arrangements?Explain your answers in to words.

Week 1 CheckPoint#2: Ramifications of Participation Contracts Participation contracts can represent financial opportunities in many ways for providers as these contracts define what the providers’ responsibilities are within the medical relationship.

NFCC is a financial indicator of the contractor's ability to take a contract. The higher NFCC is, the better. The NFCC should at least be equal to the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC).

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OF DIGITIZING PAYMENTS. KUMC Policies, Procedures and Operational Protocols: Vendor Relations Policy. Policy. It is the policy of the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) that .

Discuss how participation contracts represent financial opportunities for providers what
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