How to write a photo caption for newspaper

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How To Write A Compelling Article That Gets The Reader’s Attention?

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How to Write a Newspaper Photo Caption

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How to Write a Newspaper Photo Caption

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There are four rules you should follow when writing a title. It should be unique, specific, urgent and useful. In most cases, writers won’t be able to cover all four aspects.

When writing a cutline with or without a caption, it is useful to have clearly in mind the typical reader behavior when “using” a photograph and accompanying text: First, the reader looks at the photo, mentally capturing all or most of the most obvious visual information available.

Writing Captions • Do not begin with the words a, an or the. • Use present tense to describe action in a photo. • Give readers information they cannot get from just looking at a photo.

• A caption should complete the photo. As a class, choose one picture and caption from the PowerPoint presentation to write a newspaper article about.

Follow all steps outlined on the article template and write one article together. Assign or allow students to choose a picture and caption to write an article. Writing the caption. Every news photographer should go on assignment carrying a notebook and pen, as well as a camera and spare films or memory cards.

This is because the photographer will need to write a caption for each picture. Photo captions and cutlines are the most read body type in a publication. Of all the news content, only the titles of stories or headlines have higher readership than captions.

It follows that standards of accuracy, clarity, completeness and good writing are as high for captions and cutlines than for other type.

How to write a photo caption for newspaper
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Chapter Captions & graphics in news pictures