How to write a self evaluation for teachers

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Glossary of Hattie’s influences on student achievement

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Formative assessment

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At the beginning of the game. This day or ‘seasonal period’ as most corporate workers know it as is called the annual self evaluation period (other terms you’ll come across to mean the same include; self appraisal and self assessment).

1. Ask students to define the term self-esteem. Write their ideas on a sheet of newsprint. Help students understand that self-esteem refers to how we understand and value ourselves. People with high self-esteem are realistic about their strengths and weaknesses and are able to set goals and work.

The purpose of the Self-Assessment is to allow educators to reflect on their practice, identifying their own professional strengths and areas of development. Your Self-Assessment will lead directly into the development of your Professional Learning Goals.

High-stakes test: Assessment that is used to make critical decisions with consequences for one or more stakeholders in the assessment process; an admissions test that determines the course of a student's academic future and a test used for accountability and linked to.

“Self-evaluation is one of the most overlooked forms of explicit evaluation. Ideally and logically, this should precede all other forms of the evaluation of teaching effectiveness.

How to write a self evaluation for teachers
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